Welcome to RASAA, the only music school in the Seattle area offering lessons taught by an All India Radio graded vocalist and playback singer whose repertoire includes a wide range of genres.

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Message from 
Smt. Ragini Sri

Founder / Chief Instructor , RASAA

Welcome to RASAA! I wish to give my students a capsule of my many years of experience, tried and tested methods and approaches to singing while training students to sing professionally. 

I believe it is essential that students learn any form of art under a professional so they get a wholesome learning experience and reap the benefits of the power of art, as I have, from all of my eminent gurus. Having now assumed the role of a teacher, I wish to pass down the sacred knowledge imparted to me and spread the joy of music.



Ragini Sri Academy of Arts (RASAA) aims to serve as a premier center for Indian classical music in the Seattle area providing a solid foundation in music for aspiring students. We strive to inspire students to love and appreciate music through quality education.