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What genre of music do you teach?

Mainly Indian Carnatic Classical music

Do you teach group of students or one on one?

That depends on what the child is able to do best.

How do we get started? Is it necessary to have previous music training, exposure or musical background?

No, we do not look for previous music learning, exposure or musical background. We do expect the student to have some basic interest in music. We will first evaluate the applicant based on their previous musical learning or no musical learning as well as ability to understand what we convey, duration of their focus in class etc. Some do better if they are a part of a group by getting inspired/competitive by watching their classmates sing correctly while, some need their own time to grasp things.

I don't have lot of time to practice, can I still make any progress in music by attending classes?

Unfortunately no, you need to do some form of practice. You should atleast record and hear the class recordings everyday when you drive or mind practice. Ideal way is to sit and practice with the Tanpura/Shruthi box, metronome for a minimum of one hour per day.

What is the best age to enroll in class?

If they can sit and remain focused for sometime, that should be good. Any age is good. Typically 6 years of age is what I recommend, I started learning music from the age of 4 so it depends on the child.

Are these lessons rigorous and tough?

Not if you stay focused and practice regularly

Would you prepare them for performances and to sing for special occasions?

Yes if you are ready to put in 20 hours of practice per week. It also depends on the musical level of the child. If you are a beginner, performance should be out of the picture for several years/months, until teacher feels they are ready

Is it compulsory to practice and come for class?

Yes. Minimum of 5 hours of practice during the week is expected.

What accessories or books do we need to start learning and practice music?

1. You would need a tambura app and a small bluetooth speaker/Shruthi box or tanpura box for Shruthi. 2. An app or device for metronome to maintain rhythm 3. Audio recorder (mobile phone recorder is good) 4. Ganamrutha Bodhini for beginners and Ganamrutha Varnamalika for intermediate level students 4. Notebook and pen/pencil/eraser 5. In some cases keyboard, cheap foldable and portable ones are good enough.

My child is sensitive and can't handle pressure.

We would ascertain the capabilities and accordingly prescribe lessons only as much as the child can take. Our focus is for them to develop a love for music and ensure they enjoy the learning process.

I am busy working and managing a family and I would love to learn music, I neither have any musical knowledge nor have lot of time to practice. Can I still learn? Would I still be able to get to a decent level in music?

We understand your situation. There is no way you can improve unless you do some form of practice. The minimal practice you need to do is listen to class recording while you drive or while running errands. You definitely can progress if you do minimal practice at least.

I am not interested in singing classical music or aiming at performing on big stages. I just want to be able to sing simple songs perfectly . What do I do?

You definitely need to learn some basics to sing any simple song. You can't speak sentences without learning the letters perfectly. Though you may not be interested in learning Carnatic music at a detailed level, it is compulsory to learn basics thoroughly to sing simple music correctly and to be able to appreciate the nuances effectively.

We are a group that want to learn and sing together. Would you train us?

Yes. That is possible in most cases.

We are happy to answer all your questions! If you don't find what you're looking for in the list above, please feel free to contact us via email or phone with your queries and concerns.

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